“I think the donations Nevada Benefits provided went a long way in brightening those families’ holiday and demonstrated, firsthand, the Christmas spirit.”


– CMSgt Shayne Somavia Superintendent, 99th Mission Support Group, Nevada Benefits Coordinated with Nellis AFB to provide holiday meals and gifts to 26 families, including 88 children.

“Wow … Thank you so much. I can’t say thank you enough. This year has been tough…we needed the blessing we received.”


– B.D., Nevada Benefits Coordinated with Nellis AFB to provide holiday meals and gifts to 26 families, including 88 children.

“The turkey came out beautiful and all the other yummy food was delicious…We left cookies out for Santa! Again, thank you so very much. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without the help.”


– J.W., Nevada Benefits Coordinated with Nellis AFB to provide holiday meals and gifts to 26 families, including 88 children.

“Thank you so very much for the food and art supplies for the kids. It really, really is appreciated…We’ve had a rough couple of months money-wise, and this was truly a huge help. My husband has to work on Christmas, but we’re going to save him some yummy food. The toys are going to be saved for “Santa” to give them. Thank you again.”


– R.S., Nevada Benefits Coordinated with Nellis AFB to provide holiday meals and gifts to 26 families, including 88 children.

“HI. I didn’t know any other way to send you guys an e-mail. I ordered two bracelets, and sent one to my best friend ever who is in Iraq right now. I also served a year over there. It is an awesome feeling to know with all the war protesting going on, that some Americans still do support us. I wasn’t to send a big thank you from all of us in the United States Armed Forces. Its people like you who stand behind us that make America a truly great place to live. Again, than you so much.”


– B from Oklahoma

“Just wanted to say than you for the wristbands from all the troops in the 379 EAMXS/745 AMU in Qatar!!”


TSgt D.M.

“I ran into C today and he gave me one of the Tillman shirts that you sent to him. Many thanks. Most of all thank you for your care and concern for our nations heroes. I am humbled every day by these brave men and women. What you are doing means so much. I cannot only say as one who takes care of these fine human beings but as someone who has been overseas. What you are doing means so much to the soldiers on the ground. Keep a positive light shining on our soldiers here and there. I cannot than you enough. It was an honor to meet you and your family. What you and your wife are teaching your children is immeasurable. If we could only teach such compassion and tenderness to all kids their age, we wouldn’t have all of the problems that we do in this world. Thank you.”


– D.G, M.D

“Hello. I just returned from a year in Afghanistan and wore one of your wristbands (still do). It was a great reminder of why we were there and that the folks back home supported us. I will get the word out to my unit and family support group once I start drilling again.”
– MAJ R.W.

“Thank you Phil. I first received a defending freedom bracelet when I was serving in the Army this last spring in Afghanistan. I have since returned and bought some more from you. I love mine and it never leaves my wrist. It is s symbol to what I have been through and for my buddies who lost their lives for the great county. SO THANKS YOU.”
– SGT D.J.

“The overnight shipment of wristbands arrived this afternoon. Wow! What great service! My wife comes in tonight from a business trip, so I will meet her at the airport with the first one. They look great-you have a tremendous “morale boosting” ministry. Our hearts (both mine and my wife’s) have been really heavy for our daughter carrying the load she does of command and especially with her first loss of a soldier. Knowing what you are doing has lifted my spirits over the past couple days.”
– D.A.B

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say “Thank You” for all you do for our soldiers. My husband recently returned from a 16 month tour in Iraq and had one of your bracelets. We thought they were so cool that I bought one for myself and our two boys. Thanks again and God Bless.”
– N.K

“My name is D. and I work with Col. C. here in Iraq. I would like to take a second out of my day to thank you for the support. This is not only a job, it is a lifestyle and it makes it a lot easier on us when people like you show your support. Thank you from myself and my comrades fighting the battle overseas”
– SrA, D. F.

“Guys, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the “Defending Freedom” wrist band. I am stationed with the …Brigade…in Baqubah, Iraq. We have been here since January. CPT S.G brought me the wrist band and told me about your non-profit effort, and I thought it was great! I just wanted to say thank you. As an OIF 1 and now an OIF 3 veteran, I can’t tell you how much it means to have to have the support of the people back home. Our soldiers are doing a great job here getting Iraq back on its feet. We are doing lots of great things here, and it will eventually end in a good news story. Again, that’s for supporting what we do for our country!”
– MAJ E. H.

“Thank you for sending bracelets to both of my sons’ units. T. emailed from England Friday night to tell me he received bracelets for himself and his Flight. It really came at a good time, he had just found out that day he is leaving for Germany this Thursday for 17 days training in preparation for his deployment to the Sandbox. He has already been there 3 other times, but this one will be different. With the negative atmosphere about the involvement in Iraq, they don’t get to see how Americans are supporting the troops….so this was really special for him and the other guys! Keep up the good work, it really means a lot to the guys and their families. I wear my bracelet everyday and it makes me feel closer to my sons. Take care and I’m working on getting you some pictures! God Bless”
– B.H

“Camouflage. The #2 wristband in the Country! Raising money for our Military.”
– New York Daily News

“Hello Claudia, My name is R.B and I am presently stationed in Iraq. A box full of wrist bands was delivered here today and they were being snatched up like candy. Even my Commander is wearing one. You have brightened our day a little and I wanted to pass on a heart felt thanks to you and all involved. Thank you.”
– MSgt R.B.

“Thank you very much for the Defending Freedom wristbands. My staff and I will wear them proudly in a display of support for the valor of our troops. Congratulations on raising such a tremendous amount for military and veteran charities!”
– Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader

“Ma’am, My name is SSG J.J. and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I serve in an Army Hospital here where we are playing a vital role over here by not only providing medical care to the theatre of operations, but also to the coalition forces, US and DoD civilians, and the local Afghanistan people. We have been here for over 3 weeks and everyday you can see the good that we are doing over here with our medical mission. I understand the importance of soldiers knowing that they are being supported while they are deployed, since I am a Desert Shield/Desert Storm veteran. I wanted to send you this e-mail to thank you personally as a soldier and veteran for all that you have done to support all of the soldiers that are deployed around the world fighting the war on terror. I know that it makes a difference not only to the soldiers who are serving around the world, but also to the family members of the soldiers that are deployed. I can say this, because I have a wife and four girls that support me back home and even though they do not like my being deployed support what I am doing and are proud of me for that. Once again, I just want to let all of you know how much we appreciate all that you are doing.”
– SSG J.J.

“I just ordered my bands on March 7th and received them today March 10th. I want to Thank You for the prompt service, I LOVE Them!!! I see the letter sent with the bands says they are being sent to our troops overseas, I was wondering if there is a way to make sure my husbands unit from receives them? My husband was deployed from March of 03 till March 04 with a different unit and was just deployed in Dec. 05 with his own unit. I know the guys and gals with the… Engineers would love to wear them with pride. Please let me know, Thanks Much…”
– A.R.

“Thank you for sharing with me the Defending Freedom wristbands. You and others, who have dedicated your time in making these, are truly honorable Americans. Your continued support and appreciation for our Military is to be commended.”
– William H. Frist, M.D. Majority Leader. United States Senate

“Defending Freedom” Wristbands Bind Troops with Supporters. America Supports You, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. “We just want to help the troops and their families who are doing so much for us. Sometimes other events, like the tsunami in Asia, get a monopoly on media coverage, but we shouldn’t forget that our troops are still out there fighting for us and putting their lives on the line every day. It think the wristbands help remind people about what the troops are going through for us.

“I commend your commitment to providing the dedicated servicemen and women of our Armed Forces with much need items and services and extend my best wishes as you continue this important work.”
– Richard M. Daley, Chicago Mayor

“Many thanks for the thoughtful Nevada Benefits foundation “Defending Freedom” bracelets… Your continued support for our men and women serving in uniform is deeply appreciated.”
– Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Rally, and Relief Valve, in Vegas. “I want to collect 250,000 sticks of chapstick. I don’t know where I’ll put the. I’ll let the military figure it out. My wife thinks I’m nuts.”
– Los Angeles Times

“Support our Troops Day.”


-City of Las Vegas, Office of the Mayor, Proclamation: Official.

“We would like to extend a special thank you to the Nevada Benefits Company, the first Corporation to donate more than $20,000 to this campaign. As a result of Nevada Benefits generosity, nearly 3,000 service men and women will have a phone card with their logo.”
-USO Newsletter. Nevada Benefits donated $26,750.

To date, we’ve donated over $582,982 to our brave Military and have sent over 412,000 free “Defending Freedom”™ wristbands to our Military in the Middle East. All money raised has been donated to the following charities: Armed Forces Relief Trust, Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund, USO Wounded Warrior Project of North Carolina, Soldier Ride, Children of Fallen Soldier Relief Fund, and The Fallen Patriot Fund.